Cute dinner. Last minute celebrating 8 months clean.
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To hell with class, I’m skipping. Let’s order food and sleep in.
I’ve got so much to do, but it’s ok, cause

whatever, forever

You’re my best friend and I love every single thing about you.  I promise I’m never going anywhere as long as you’re here.

Alright my period needs to end it’s been like 5 days since I’ve gotten laid this is not okay when you have a super cute boyfriend you just wanna kiss and stuff ALL OF THE TIME.


Officially 8 months clean.

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Front Porch Step / Drown

Now I lay here waiting with the hope that I might find some sleep
I need some sleep tonight,
Cause I’ve been waiting on your call but I know it will never come
but I’m still waiting by the phone.

I goddamn love this song


I’m so grateful for my friends I have made this year.
Cody, Evan, Tom, Seb, Paul, all of them.
I have no idea where I would be without these boys.


The Wonder Years - Came Out Swinging 

I just dont think I have ever met someone that just gets me like this.  That gets being nervous over everything, that needs constant reassurance that theyre not going to leave, that gets the reason why I have scars, that gets the fact that sometimes those thoughts still exist.  It’s just so strange and wonderful at the same time.  For once someone isn’t trying to “save me” theyre willing to hold my hand and tell me that its okay, that they have been through the exact same things. 
I’m really honestly so truly happy with him and how everything is, this is honestly all I have ever wanted.  I never want anyone else ever again.